Reflect Consulting Group emerged from a belief that the only way to deal with the organizational issues of today and tomorrow is to tap into the power of people to solve complex problems.

These problems cannot be solved using traditional, linear, deterministic thinking, or with command and control management styles. Rather, Reflect believes that only people have the unique ability to creatively problem solve and collaborate to navigate tomorrow’s challenges. To meet these new challenges, we need new thinking and innovation.

Gone are the days of workers as mindless drones, punching a clock and only working for a paycheck. We spend so much of our time at work, we need to find ways for organizations to bring out the best in us, to create meaning and connection. This is not only the right thing to do, but it also creates a workforce engaged in creating value for the organization because the organization has become valuable to the workers. The organization becomes more nimble, adaptable, and resilient as a result.

Reflect is led by our Director of Operations, Ron Gantt. Ron is a recognized expert in resilience engineering, human performance, safety management, and leadership. He has over two decades of experience of work with organizations in industries such as utilities, construction, bio-tech, and chemical manufacturing to create resilient and reliable operations.

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Reflect Consulting Group

Reflect Consulting Group combines real world experience with innovative thinking to provide our client with solutions designed to improve operational resilience and organizational performance.

Reflect Consulting Group is a division of SCM Safety.

Safety Compliance Management, Inc.

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