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National Safety Council 2018 Congress & Expo

October 22nd-24th

Houston, TX

“Beyond Root Cause – A New View of Accident Investigations”

Following a failure event, such as an accident or incident, all safety professionals realize the importance and value of a thorough and effective investigation process. Despite this, the overwhelming majority of investigation techniques utilized by the profession are based on faulty assumptions and inadequate methods. As Fred Manuele stated in a recent publication in Professional Safety – our methods are flawed.

This presentation will review some of the pitfalls inherent in common investigation approaches. These include misunderstanding the purpose of accident investigations, searching for the mythical ‘root cause’, using a ‘find and fix’ mindset, and proliferating blame. Each of these pitfalls work to make it more difficult for us to learn and improve future performance after a failure. More productive approaches and assumptions will be presented using a combination of theory discussion, case study review, and interactive discussions. Attendees will leave with new ways of seeing accident investigations so that professionals can stop looking for a root cause and start learning how to increase safety, learning, and resilience in their organizations.

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