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2019 Sacramento Safety & Health Summit

October 1st

Sacramento, CA

People are the solution

Safety is inherently about people. People taking actions to care for themselves and others. It’s unfortunate then that so much of safety management seems to treat people as a hazard to control. We take the stance that safety is about “protecting you from you, in spite of you.” And then we wonder why there is so much mistrust and disengagement in organizations. What if there was a different way? This presentation will present an alternative perspective on the role of people in organizations and safety – people as the solution. This isn’t saying that people are perfect. Instead, by actively creating the conditions where people thrive we not only make things safer, but we also achieve other organizational goals as well.

National Safety Management Society, Golden Gate Chapter

October 11th

Berkeley, CA

Beyond ‘Unsafe Behavior’

We all can point to accidents where if someone had only done something different, if they had followed the procedure, if they had not made a mistake, then the accident wouldn’t have happened. Humans appear to be the most unreliable part of our systems. So we spend a lot of time in the safety profession dealing with “unsafe behavior” in the form of incentive programs, training, or calls for more accountability. More mature organizations might even push for improving “safety culture” by initiatives designed to get people to care more about safety, or try to eliminate unsafe acts by designing people out as much as possible.

This presentation will look closely at the underlying processes that lead to what we call “unsafe behavior.” When we do this, we see that what we call “unsafe behavior” is just people trying to get work done in an imperfect world. What’s more, by calling it “unsafe behavior” we may be stopping ourselves from making things better. Is there a better way to look at human performance that is more accurate and gets us better results?

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