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The Learning Organization Webinar

“In Conversation with…”

August 12

In Conversation with Ron Gantt

Come hear a conversation with our Director of Operations, Ron Gantt, talk about what it takes to be a learning organization and to make people the solution in your organization.

HASANZ Conference 2021

September 1-3

Wellington, NZ

Safety through learning – Safety-II in practice

To break through to the next level of safety performance a shift in perspective and practices is needed. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “we must think anew and act anew”. Drawing on two decades in the field of health and safety management, system safety, safety leadership and human factors, Ron will discuss how businesses can tap into the adaptive, problem-solving capabilities of their people to achieve this.

Safety II and Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) have provided the foundation for a new way of thinking about safety. Many businesses realise they need to move away from learning only from failure and seeing people as the problem, towards seeing people as the solution, but wonder what they are supposed to do next. How do we take the concept of Safety II and make it work in practice?

The key is learning, or, more specifically, creating a capacity to learn from everyday work. Ron’s presentation will review how we can disrupt the ways that safety is practised in workplaces by making learning about what’s going on a core function. Ron will share a framework for assessing an organisation’s ability to learn and create innovation from that learning. Most importantly, he will highlight the things we can do almost immediately to start learning from and improving everyday work in our areas of responsibility.

Safety 2021 – ASSP Annual Safety Conference

September 13-15

Austin, TX

Normalization of deviance, drift, and proactive safety

From NASA Challenger, to Columbia, to Deeperwater Horizon, to the global financial crisis, normalization of deviance or organizational drift has been implicated in numerous disasters. A pattern of people in organizations “drifting” away from the standards and incrementally accepting more risk is discovered in numerous organizations that have faced catastrophe. Even in diverse industries with very different events, the same phenomenon is found again and again – despite good intentions, organizations adjust their performance away from written standards or informal norms of behavior over time.

However, the understanding of what organizational drift is and what drives it, much less what to do about it, is scarce. Most of the research is based on retrospective looks, post-accident. Often the recommendations are full of hindsight bias and do not provide significant insights into how to identify and manage drift in real-time.

This presentation will present findings from the doctoral research of the presenter. The presentation will discuss case studies where normalization of deviance or drift has led to failures, provide an overview of the research the presenter has conducted, and leave attendees with practical takeaways they can use in their organizations to begin to identify and manage drift to not only avoid catastrophes but also to create more opportunities for success or innovation.

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