Reflect’s unique approach is based upon proven methods and research in Resilience Engineering, Safety-II, Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), and Dialogic Organizational Development.

We combine the following principles to bring value to our clients and partners.

Customized Approach

Customized Approach

Your organization is unique. So our approach has to be as well. We work with your to develop an approach that incorporates the novel realities that you deal with on a daily basis. This makes for outcomes that are more likely to work and be sustainable.

Systemic Mindset

Systemic Mindset

Organizations are living systems that are created through social interactions. Any organizational improvement effort needs to consider the system influences on the outcomes you’re seeing. Fixing one part of the system doesn’t necessarily deal with the issue and may actually make things worse. Instead we focus on the whole system and how it can be leveraged to sustainably improve performance.

Partner Based Methods

Partner-Based Methods

Although as outsiders and based on our expertise we may see things that you don’t, you will always know your organization better than us. That’s why we believe our role is to partner with you to understand and identify improve opportunities. We help make sure the right people at the table and help create the conditions so that you can build the capacity needed to deal with the issues you’re facing.

Evidence Based Solutions

Evidence-Based Solutions

We believe that with the abundance of research in social and organizational sciences, it would be foolish to not utilize this evidence to effect real world change whenever possible. That’s why our approaches and recommendations are always not only based upon our experience about what works in organizations, but also available evidence from the scientific literature. Our clients feel confident that what we say is practical and evidence-based.

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