Reflect Consulting Group is based upon the idea that the role of a safety professional is to hold a mirror up to the organization and ensure that a realistic picture of how work gets done is shared across the organization.

This makes leaders at all levels of the organization more effective in their roles and distributes problem solving responsibility to subject-matter experts already in the organization.

We believe that the safety management programs within the organization should be oriented toward enabling the successful completion of work across the varying conditions that the task will be performed. As a result, our solutions are designed not to simply provide more bureaucracy. Instead we look for ways to reduce constraints and unnecessary controls, and support people in overcoming the challenges inherent to doing work.

Reflect Consulting Group

Reflect Consulting Group combines real world experience with innovative thinking to provide our client with solutions designed to improve safety performance and operational resilience.

We use an applied approach to helping organizations implement Safety-II, Safety Differently, Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), and the New View of Safety.

Reflect Consulting Group is a division of SCM Safety.

Safety Compliance Management, Inc.

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